Craftsmanship, quality and integrity are the foundations on which Bob Baxter began building homes in 1972. Over the years Baxter have built hundreds of homes and delivered many large-scale residential and commercial projects across the Central Coast and New South Wales resulting in a reputation that has stood the test of time.

Today, Company Director, Craig Baxter continues this tradition and believes it’s not just the home you end up with that matters. We believe how you get there is important too.

With an innate ability to ‘think outside the square’ and provide innovative solutions, Baxter specialize in partnering with their clients to design individual homes within specific budgets. Not only will you experience first-class design, you can expect us to be authentic, transparent and upfront. Tell us your budget and we will stick to it. You will never find us over-complicating things.

Whether you’re building on a standard block, narrow block, small block or on a steep block, you provide the site details and we’ll design a home for you.

When it comes to home design our philosophy is simple. We believe in quality of space over quantity of space. It’s knowing what you want and why you want it and designing a space that is social, engaging and interactive.

Whether you already have a design, or are simply looking for inspiration we are here to help you enjoy the journey of creating your new home.